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Cubee the Aggregate™ - Visualizing Science
Seeing Science in Everyday Life

Date: Monday, June 25th, 2007, at 15:57
Subject: Cubee the Aggregate™
Security: Public
Location:New York, New York
Music:The Shins
Tags:aggregate, cartoon

Right on the heels of marble-powered binary addition, I bring you Cubee the Aggregate™! The coloring books will delight youngsters. To quote the website, “Cubee and his aggregate friends will take children on a magical journey from Cubee's birthplace in the neighborhood quarry to his new home in the schools, roads, and other structures that enrich our communities and lives.” Sounds, um, great. Magical, I mean. Maybe more like misguided.

And as my friend Jackie immediately pointed out, “Cubee’s not even a cube!”

A shout out to my friend Kelly for pointing this out to me.
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